Emergency Restoration Services In Salt Lake City

26 November 2013
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If there has ben damage to your home, you can call an expert to do emergency restoration in Salt Lake City. There are experts from Five Point Restoration who can handle many different types of restoration. This can include smoke damage, fire damage, and other types of damage as well. When you have experienced damage, you need to call your insurance company first. The insurance company well send an insurance adjuster to assess the damage. The adjuster will bring the report back to you insurance company, who will then decide what they will pay toward restoration. From there, you can call a company for emergency restoration in Salt Lake City. The crew will come and begin the restoration immediately. This could involve ripping up the floors, pulling out cabinets, and even replacing drywall. Anything that is damaged must be removed in order to have a proper restoration. Water damage can cause mold if everything is not properly removed. All types of damage can cause severe rot to the home, peeling floors, and many serious foundation issues. The restoration team will be extremely thorough in restoring everything. They will lay down new floors, put up new drywall, new cabinets, and replace anything else that was removed due to damage.