The Justin Timberlake Catastrophe: A Warning To Restaurant Owners About E. Coli Risks

27 January 2015
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A rather embarrassing situation has arisen for entertainer Justin Timberlake. His posh restaurant has been forced to close due to a horrible plumbing mishap. Apparently, the pipes burst, exposing the interior to human waste. Gross jokes have been made about the incident, but let it serve as a warning for restaurant owners to take steps to prevent and address a similar disaster.

An Adverse Health Risk

Liability risks are present when a plumbing problem contributes to sewage breaching an eating establishment.

Human waste spills and leaks expose food to E. coli bacteria. Bacteria could quickly spread, leading to contamination. Patrons who then ingest tainted food might suffer from severe diarrhea and experience major dehydration. Dehydration may lead to a life-threatening condition. Vomiting brought on by the bacteria presents a choking hazard. 

The unfortunate side effects of E.coli exposure present serious risks to the health of customers. The best advice for a restaurant owner is to take steps to reduce the outbreak from occurring in the first place.

Clear Out Clogs in the Septic Line

Pipes are not likely to burst unless they have frozen or degraded from age or neglect. Toilets and drains, however, can overflow. Restaurant owners should purchase a simple product capable of reducing overflows.

Powerful septic drain cleaner powders have the ability to "eat away" at even the worst clogs. These cleaners are usually used when the signs of a clog (gurgling from the toilet, slow emptying of the drain, etc) first appear . Do yourself and your business a favor and take preventive measures. Pour a decent amount of the special drain cleaner down the septic system at least once every two weeks. 

Beware of Small Leaks

A pipe does not have to fully burst to expose an interior to raw sewage. Corrosion could lead to small holes that allow minute amounts of water to escape. This water could be filled with bacteria.

If you notice dampness, mold, or a foul smell, call a local plumbing service like Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc to check things out right away. This way, the imperfections creating the exposure are fixed immediately. The more time that passes, the greater the likelihood the bacteria will spread.

Request Total Sanitation and Disinfection Work

Once raw sewage exposure is confirmed, call a professional capable of performing a thorough decontamination cleanup. A simple mop up is not going to be enough. Only a professional crew with the right industrial-grade cleaning solutions and tools is going to be capable of removing all the harmful germs.