4 Signs That You Have A Plumbing Problem

30 January 2015
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Plumbing problems are very common. In fact, there are many people who have problems in their home and don't know it for longs periods of time. This can be very dangerous since a plumbing problem will not correct itself, it will only get bigger and bigger. This is why it is important that you know how to detect plumbing issues. Here are some signs that you have a problem with your plumbing.

1. There is A Screeching Sound From The Faucet

One sign that you have a problem with your plumbing is that there is a screeching sound coming from the faucet while they are on. This means that there is air stuck in the pipes. The air generally enters through some sort of hole or puncture in a pipe. Over time this could become a major problem as the hole gets larger and larger. Thus, it is better to fix the pipe immediately, while the problem is small, rather than wait until the problem gets too large.

2. The Toilet Is Frequently Clogged

Do you find yourself constantly having to unclog the toilet? This may not be a problem with the people using the toilet, but a septic tank. Septic tank problems can be very serious and very expensive if they go unresolved. For this reason, you should address the problem right away. There could be some sort of blockage in the tank, a tree branch penetrating the tank, or a variety of other things. This is one problem that you don't want to ignore.

3. Bulges in the Walls or Ceilings

In some cases you might notice that floor underneath the shower or the toilet is bulging. You may notice that the ceiling that lays right below the upper floor bathroom is having a problem. This is a sign that there is poor insulation in the area, or that there is a leaky pipe. Over time you could have a serious problem if it is not taken care of. Any bulging in the walls, ceilings or floor should call for the immediate attention of a plumber.

4. Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure in the house, do not assume that the city has a problem, it could very well be your pipes and your plumbing. Low water pressure is a sign that there is a leak or a blockage somewhere. If you don't fix this problem you could be paying a great deal in your water bill, without actually using the water since the majority of it might be leaking.

By recognizing these signs you can be sure that are properly caring for your plumbing.