Common Stamped Concrete Questions Addressed

5 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Many homeowners may assume that all concrete is the same, but this is actually far from the truth. This durable building material comes in a wide assortment of colors and styles. In particular, stamped concrete from companies like North Warren Stampcrete has emerged as an extremely popular choice for both interior and exterior concrete pours. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not very familiar with this type of concrete, and this can lead them to have a few questions that need to be addressed. 

Will The Concrete Look Exactly Like The Same Or Picture?

When someone is choosing a type of concrete for use around their home, they will usually have a definite vision for how they want the project to look when ti is finished. Sadly, some people assume that the sample of the stamped concrete will be identical to what will be poured for their project. 

Unfortunately, this may not always be exactly the case. When concrete is poured, there are many variables that will influence what the final appearance looks like. As a result, there is a chance that your concrete may look slightly different from the sample. While there is no way to completely avoid this problem, there are many experienced contractors that can leave the finished concrete looking as close to the sample as possible. 

Is Stamped Concrete More Slippery?

A common misconception about stamped concrete is that it will always be far more slippery than traditional concrete. In addition to the risk of suffering injury from falling, slippery concrete can expose to legal liability for anyone that is injured on your property. While it is true that the smooth surface of stamped concrete can be more slick that other options, there is a simple way to reduce this project. 

Some individuals do not realize that it is possible to apply an anti-slip coating to the surface. This coating will usually contain small pieces of particulate matter. These materials will help the bottom of your shoe grip the concrete, and this will drastically reduce the chances that you or a guest slips on the concrete. Unfortunately, these coatings will eventually wear away, and you will need to reapply them every couple of years to ensure that your concrete avoids this potentially hazardous problem. 

Stamped concrete is an extremely common material used for building projects that needs to meet certain aesthetic requirements. By understanding that stamped concrete may look slightly different from the sample and that you can reduce slipperiness of the concrete, you will be better able to understand the benefits and allure of choosing stamped concrete over more traditional options.