5 First-Timer Tips For Painting Your Apartment

10 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Painting the interior walls of an apartment can be just the thing to make a rented space feel cozy and more like home. While painting can be a relatively cheap way to add personality to an apartment unit, it can be nerve-wracking if you've never painted walls before. In order for the paint job to go well, consider following the five tips listed below.

Get the Approval from Your Landlord

The first thing that you'll need to do before getting started with painting is discuss your plans with the landlord. While some landlords are okay with allowing tenants to paint, others might not be. In fact, you may find that certain colors are off-limits or that you'll need to repaint before moving out. Whatever the policy is, it's best to get the approval from your landlord so that you won't be fined or need to paint over the walls due to a disagreement.

Choose the Ideal Paint Type and Color

After you've been given the okay to continue painting your apartment, it's important to consider the different types of paint finishes that are available. From eggshell to satin and semi-gloss, there are several options that all have their pros and cons. By comparing each type of paint, you can be confident that your apartment looks great and that the walls are easy to take care of.

Collect All Your Painting Supplies

It's easy for a painting project to get messy if you're constantly grabbing for supplies. An easy way to stay neat is through getting organized beforehand. This means having all the necessary paintbrushes, cans, and other supplies right where you need them.

Lay Out a Large Tarp Before Getting Started

To protect the flooring during the paint job, you'll need to lay out a large tarp. Using painters tape to hold the tarp close to the walls will help prevent any accidental spills.

Be Careful During the Cleanup

Before you can relax and enjoy your finished painting project, you'll need to do some cleanup. Being careful to tightly close the paint cans and roll up the tarp will ensure that no accidents occur and that touch-up painting jobs in the future will be easy.

Adding a splash of colors to the walls of your apartment can help personalize it and make you feel at home, but requires some work. If you're overwhelmed by the work involved, you should look into hiring a painting contractor that can help take care of the painting for you.