Asphalt Maintenance: Your Bumpy Questions Answered

16 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you look at the paving in your driveway, you probably have a lot of questions besides "How much is this going to cost?" Like most consumers, you want to patch up the bumps and cracks in your asphalt, but you really want to know if there is some magic way to save money. You can get your bumpy questions answered here in no time flat.

Can I Do Asphalt Maintenance Myself?

The answer is yes, and no. There are temporary products available at hardware stores which you can use to fill in potholes and cracks. These products include:

  • cold bitumen
  • seal coating
  • rubber crack filler

However, they will not repair the problems your driveway has, only cover them up. You and everyone else will still see where your trouble spots are, and since these products are just temporary fixes, the cracks and potholes you have will only get worse down the road.

Can I Rent The Asphalt Equipment to Do a Professional Job on My Own?

Sure, but this is definitely not recommended for anyone who has never done professional asphalt and paving work. It is not as easy as it looks. You have to know how to mix the bitumen and tar just right and heat it to the correct temperature before pouring it and smoothing it out. It is not a job for one person to do, either. Because the asphalt mixture goes on hot, then settles and cools quickly, you need to have someone pour the mixture while someone else quickly smooths and levels it flat.

Will My Whole Driveway Have to Be Ripped Up?

No, the idea behind asphalt maintenance is general upkeep, not a total overhaul. In instances where your driveway is so bad that chunks of the old pavement and asphalt are loose and sticking up, most contractors can remove the loose pieces, fill the holes, and then apply a smooth layer over the top of that section. If your entire driveway is that bad, then you might want to consider ripping it all up and having a contractor redo the whole thing.

How Long Does Asphalt Maintenance Take?

The answer to this question varies because a contractor has to see how long your driveway is as well as its condition. Driveways in reasonably good condition or short driveways are usually complete in a day or less. Subsequently, the reverse requires more time to complete. An asphalt contractor like Curtis Clean Sweep can give you a better estimate of the time needed for your driveway when he or she visits your home for a price quote.