Two Things To Check For When Hiring An Emergency Locksmith Service

2 April 2015
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If you've mistakenly locked your keys in your car, or if your key suddenly broke off in the lock as you were opening the door of your vehicle, you are likely willing to do just about anything to get someone to come out and remedy your problem.  However, before you call an emergency locksmith service, there are a few things you need to know in order to make sure that you get the best deal.  The next time you require an emergency locksmith service (such as Security Locksmiths), use these tips to make the experience as beneficial as possible.

Know What You're Paying Upfront

One of the most critical things to keep in mind as it pertains to hiring an emergency locksmith is the chance that there will be additional fees applied to your final rate.  This could include a service or dispatch charge, or there may be a fee due to the hour of day that you are calling, especially if you need a technician in a part of town that may be dangerous.

When you make the initial call for an emergency locksmith, make sure that fully understand the rates.  For example, if you have a vehicle with SmartLocks, you want to disclose this when you first call to request a locksmith.  The dispatcher will then be able to let you know if their company even has a technician who is qualified to assist you with your highly technological locks.  They can also disclose any additional fees that you will have to pay because of the more complex nature of your locks.

Find Out If Tow Truck Service Is Included

Another important element to look for in a qualified emergency locksmith service is whether or not tow truck service is included.  This is so important because your technician may help you gain entry back into your vehicle, only for you to find that one or more parts of your car have malfunctioned.  You would then have to contact a separate tow truck company and wait for them to arrive on the scene.

Working with an emergency locksmith service that includes tow truck service saves you time because the locksmith will wait for you to start your engine before they leave.  If it's found that your engine won't start, they can immediately contact the company tow truck without you having to pay for a separate expense.

Don't let a frustrating situation cause you to make a mistake in judgment.  The next time you need an emergency locksmith, use this handy guide so you can have a successful experience.