An Easy Blueprint To Help You Declutter And Reclaim Your Garage

2 June 2015
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If your house is anything like the average household, your garage is probably also known as junk central. The garage often seems like the optimal place to simply toss those things that you don't have a clue where to put. If you want to declutter and reclaim the space in your garage, it's possible; however, it will take some effort on your part. Here are some tips to help you get started with the process.

Create Sections

Create three sections in your garage: sell/donate, keep and toss out. Designating these areas beforehand will save you time during the decluttering process. Examine each item and determine which pile it should be placed in. If you're having a hard time trying to determine which items go where, consider the last time you used the item and its condition.

If you used the item anytime within the last year, you should probably place it in the keep pile. If you haven't used the item in more than a year and it is in good condition, you can place it in the sell/donate pile. Otherwise, if you haven't used the item in a considerable length of time and it's in bad condition, place it in the toss out pile.

Hauling It All Away

Once you've taken the time to sort through everything in your garage, you should consider calling a junk removal service to help you haul your unwanted items away. Since most municipalities charge extra or limit the amount of trash that you are able to place outside for pickup, it can cost you extra money and take a considerable length of time to get rid of everything that you have.

A junk removal service is a much easier option to assist you with removing all of your clutter efficiently and quickly. Best of all, you can determine exactly when you want the removal service to arrive at your home, keeping everything convenient for you. One company that offers this service is Ground Effects Hauling Inc.

Use Every Area

As far as the items that you plan to keep, make certain you are taking advantage of every available surface in your garage. Don't make the mistake of simply using the floor as your sole storage area. One idea is wall storage. There are a number of wall storage shelving units or peg board sets that allow you to securely store items on the wall and out of the way.

Another option is to have a professional install overhead storage shelves on the ceiling. Both of these options give you the storage that you need without you having to sacrifice valuable floor space.

Taking the time to sort through your garage can help add additional storage space to your home or give you a secure place to park your car. While this process will take some effort, the result will be well worth your time.