Additional Benefits Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

15 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Most people who have young kids at home have experienced at one point or another, a time where markers, crayons and paint have been used on tables, furniture, walls or other areas of the home. It can sometimes be a challenge to get these markings out of furniture and upholstery. A professional upholstery cleaning company can often come in and remove these drawings from the furniture which is a great benefit.

But did you know that besides the cosmetic benefits of getting your upholstery professionally cleaned there are also other benefits as well? Below are a few of the other benefits of getting your furniture and upholstery professionally cleaned:

1. Protect Upholstery. Many upholstery cleaning companies can also provide solutions to protect the upholstery from further damage. The cleaning company will be able to recognize the correct kind of fabric that you have and will be able to apply the correct upholstery protector.

Once this protector is applied, if something is spilled or drawn on the furniture, it can be more easily cleaned up. This works because most of these upholstery protectors have technology that makes liquid bead up and not penetrate the fabric. It also prevents markers and crayons from getting too deep into the fabric so that it can be cleaned easier.

2. Kill Dust Mites and other Allergens. When a cleaning company comes to your home to clean the upholstery, they can employ several different methods to kill dust mites and other allergens within the furniture. They may use steam so that the heat kills the dust mites.

They may also use a chemical compound that is used to target dust mites and other allergens so that the upholstery is allergen free. This is a great benefit of a professional cleaning company.

3. Odor Removal. Over a period of time, the furniture can get many different kinds of stains and odors that can be hard to remove. Pet hair or urine, smoke, and many other odors can permeate the fabric. A professional cleaning company can also add an odor removal service in addition to the cleaning. This makes the furniture and upholstery look and smell great.

You can see that there are many advantages to having a professional cleaning company come and clean your upholstery besides just the cosmetic look of having it cleaned. These additional benefits will make having a professional cleaner come into your home well worth it. To learn more, contact a company like Supreme Cleaners Inc. with any questions you have.