Learn How To Remove Rust From A Cast Iron Wood Stove And Keep It Protected

9 July 2015
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If your cast iron wood stove has rust spots on its surface, learn how to remove them with the following steps. After the stove is restored to its original condition, keep the iron protected to prevent rust from forming in the future. 

Use The Following Materials

  • fine grade steel wool pad
  • wire brush
  • lint free cloths
  • tack cloth
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • bucket
  • towel
  • iron polish
  • buffing cloth

Remove The Rust

Rub the stove's surface with a fine grade steel wool pad to remove the rust. Move the pad back and forth and apply consistent pressure. If the stove is heavily rusted in some areas, a wire brush will work more efficiently. Begin removing the layers of rust by wiping the brush across them. After the rust stops flaking off, follow up with the steel wool pad until all signs of the rust are gone and the bare metal is showing. 

Wipe away any rust particles that remain on the stove's surface with a lint free cloth or a tack cloth. Either one will work well, but a tack cloth may be more beneficial because it has a sticky surface that is useful for picking up fine particles that are difficult to see.

Clean The Surface And Apply Polish

Remove fingerprints and dirt from the stove's surface by wiping it off with a damp, soapy cloth. Use a damp cloth that doesn't have soap on it to remove residue that is left behind by the cleaning solution. Dry the iron surface with a towel. Add a small amount of iron polish to a buffing cloth and apply it to the stove. Move the cloth around in small, circular motions as you apply consistent pressure.

Continue applying more polish to the cloth as needed, until the iron surface is shiny. The iron polish will protect and seal the iron, preventing moisture from penetrating and forming rust in the future. Light the stove for a few minutes to cure the polish that was added. 

Maintain The Stove

Keep the stove's surface clean and rust free by cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one. Add more polish to the iron surface whenever it appears dull. This may be necessary several times a year if you use the stove on a daily basis. By completing these steps, the stove's exterior will continue to look great and you will not have to eliminate rust in the future. For more information or questions, talk to a wood stove contractor, such as Aqua Rec's Fireside Hearth & Home, for professional advice.