Creating Walkways In Your Yard

27 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are thinking about doing some landscaping to your property, consider creating a walkway to make your land easily accessible and visually pleasing. Many people enjoying having walkways in their back yards, allowing them to enjoy the scenery while strolling through at their leisure. Here are some instructions for you to follow when making your own backyard walking area to spruce up your property's aesthetics.

Step #1: Prep The Area

Decide where you would like your walkway located and mark each side with stakes. Tie a piece of string to one of the stakes and string it along from stake to stake, attaching each one in the process. Do this to each side of your proposed walkway so you can visualize where it will be placed while you are working on building it. This will help you keep it uniform.

Dig the ground in between the staked in area down to about a half a foot in depth. Fill the hole with a few inches of crushed gravel and tamp it into place by stepping on it or using a tamp machine. You can find gravel from contracting or landscaping companies like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel. Pour an inch or two of sand over the crushed gravel and repeat the tamping process. Finish up by placing more crushed gravel over the layer of sand, and tamp until it is uniform with the ground on both sides.

Step #2: Add Some Stone

Place sidewalk slabs or cobblestones over the crushed gravel pieces. Make sure to line up your stone of choice appropriately so there are not large gaps in between the pieces. Walk across the surface several times to push it into place. Fill in any gaps with sand or use mortar if you would like a more permanent filling. 

Step #3: Add Finishing Touches

To beautify your walkway, plant flowers along each side of your walkway. Dig holes every few feet to place colorful blooms to enjoy as you walk down your walkway. You can also add some solar-powered lights if you wish to use your pathway in the nighttime hours. 

Consider having your walkway lead to an area where you can relax. Place a bench in the area and plant flowers on each side of it to be enjoyed as you are seated. Place a trellis behind your bench and plant ivy or another creeping vine to give your area some character. Place a few birdhouses or feeders in the area so you can enjoy watching them fly around while you rest.