Four Maintenance To Do Before Replacing Windows

26 August 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Replacement windows are a great improvement for your home, but you may not always be able to just stick them in the opening. Sometimes, there are repairs that need to be done before windows can be installed. This can include things like leveling and repairing damaged casing. You may also want to do small maintenance like insulating and painting the openings. Here are some tips to help you with the tasks that need to be done before you install replacement windows:

1. Adding Insulation To Window Openings To Reduce Energy Loss

The window openings of your home may not have the insulation they need. Sometimes, there is no insulation between the casing and wood framing of your home. To see if you need insulation, take the interior trim off of a window. If there is no insulation, use batten insulation to seal the window and prevent air leaks that cause energy loss.

2. Removing Window Sashes And Hardware From Casings

The window sashes will have to be removed before the new windows can be installed. These are the frames that hold the glass and open and close. Hardware will also need to be removed, which includes tracks and springs that are attached to the casing to hold the sash in the opening. When removing hardware, you can also use a wood filler to close any screw and nail holes where the hardware was installed.

3. Adjusting Window Casings To Be Level And Square

Window casings can also be unlevel due to things like your home settling. For replacement windows to be installed, you will need to check to make sure the casing is level. If you have to level the windows, you will also want to adjust them for square, which can be done by measuring them from corner-to-corner diagonally to make sure that the measurements are the same.

4. Caulking And Painting The Windows

Before you have the replacements installed, you may want to caulk the openings and paint the casing. This will make painting and finishing the openings when replacements are installed easier. The only thing that will need to be done after the replacements are installed is caulking around the new frame and maybe a little touch-up painting.

These are some things that can help you with the repairs that you may need to have done before installing new windows. If you are ready for energy improvements, contact a window replacement contractor at a site like to get the help you need preparing your home for replacements.