The Advantages Of Custom Cabinet Closets

15 October 2015
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Custom closet cabinet systems are great because you can customize your closet to your own storage and usage needs. This is a huge advantage of modular closet systems. Modular closets are sold at most home improvement stores. They are very affordable, but they are usually not the highest quality product. This article discusses the difference between modular and custom cabinets for closets.

Custom Cabinets are Perfect for Your Clothing Requirements

While modular systems do allow you to mix and match the various pieces, they are not fully customizable. You have a very limited selection of shelf heights, lengths and depths. While you can choose the pieces that fit your general requirements, you cannot make them exactly as you might want. With custom cabinets in your closet, you can specify exact measurements, to the inch. You can vary between different open faced shelves, drawers and hanging rods. You can essentially draw out your dream cabinet system on a piece of paper, and the installers can make it happen. Your closet stands to be much more functional if you install custom cabinets.

Custom Cabinets Use Better Wood

Another great thing about custom closet cabinets is that they are made with high quality wood. Store bought modular cabinets are made with composite woods. These are lighter, but they are not as strong. With custom cabinets you can choose nearly any high quality hardwood on the market. Maple, cherry and mahogany are among the most popular.

Custom Cabinets Can be Refinished

One of the best features of custom cabinets is that you can refinish them later. You can refinish the cabinet by sanding it down and repainting or staining it whenever you want. This gives you incredible freedom to redesign your closet whenever you want. This is not something you can do with modular closet cabinets because they have a laminated finish. The color of your cabinets cannot change unless you completely remove them and install a new system.

It is easy to see why many people choose to invest in custom cabinets for their closet. They are more expensive than modular systems, but they will look better and last longer. They need to be installed by cabinetmakers. You can install modular systems on your own, but the results are usually not as good as professional installation. If you want to update your closets with the highest quality product, custom cabinets might be perfect for you So talk with general contractors, like those at Contemporary Closets of Naples Inc, today.