How To Install Fiberglass Siding

18 November 2015
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Fiberglass siding sheets are very popular because they are stylish and unique and because it is possible to self-install them. Fiberglass siding is very affordable and even more so if you install it on your own. With a few helpers, some basic tools and patience, you can install fiberglass siding siding on your own. This article explains the installation process so you can decide if you will do it yourself or pay a professional installer.

Attaching the Fiberglass Sheets

The beauty of fiberglass siding is that is engineered for easy installation. The sheets (usually 4'x8') are lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, the sheets have special ridges that enable them to be locked together without any tools. They basically snap together and you're done.

Installing the Anchor

Of course, you do need to attach the fiberglass to you existing sidewall. This is done by securing an anchor piece to the top edge of the wall. Basically, an anchor piece is installed along the top of each row of sheets. Then, the fiberglass is hung from that anchor. The anchor needs to be securely fastened to the wall. The difficulty of this will depend on what type of wall you have. If you have wood, aluminum, stucco or fiberboard walls with wooden frames, you will need to drill through the surface and secure the anchor onto the studs inside the frame. This is actually very easy if you have a stud finder.

However, if you have a solid concrete or thick stone walls, it might take extra measures to secure the anchors. You will need to use a pneumatic drill with masonry bolts to attach the bolts. Of course, these are tools and skills that most homeowners will not have. So, if you have a solid stone wall, it might be best to let a professional handle your installation.

If you are willing to rent the tools and learn the process, you can do the job on your own. There might be a learning curve, but it is certainly possible. Once your secure the anchor pieces, the remaining tasks are relatively simple. You just need to hang the sheets and then secure the edges and window openings with cap pieces. The cap pieces are lightweight and modular as well, but they do need to be cut to size. You can easily make these cuts with a traditional wood circular saw.

Installing fiberglass siding is a smart investment, whether you are installing it on your own or letting a professional handle the job. For more information, check out websites like