Three Things That You Will Want To Consider For Your Master Bath Remodeling Project

8 December 2015
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An outdated bathroom may not only be horrible to look at, it can also decrease the value of your home. This is why bathroom remodeling is one of the investments that you may be considering for your home. There are many different choices when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, such as getting rid of grimy curtains and improving lighting. If you are ready to remodel your master bath, here are some ideas that you may want to consider:

1. Updating Your Vanity With A Modern Design

The vanity in your bathroom may be one of the features that is old and outdated, which you may want to change. Newer vanities with a modern design can also be a good way to improve the use of space in your bathroom. If you have a limited about of space to work with, consider using a narrow vanity that makes the most out of space. If you want more storage, areas like drawers and cabinets beneath the vanity can be recessed into wall cavities to give you as much storage space as possible.

2. Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions To Use In The Bathroom

You may also want to redesign the lighting for your bathroom. This can include features like skylights to allow natural light in. You can also use newer energy efficient technology, such as LED lighting. If you use an LED tape lighting in your bathroom, you will want to make sure that it is an exterior grade material, which will be resistant to the moisture and humidity in a bathroom environment.

3. Get Rid Of Dirty, Stained Curtains By Installing Shower Glass

If you have an old bathtub and shower, it may have old grimy curtains. To get rid of these, consider having shower doors installed. They can be frameless doors, which can give your bathroom a clean look for a modern design. Glass doors can also be installed for some older bathtubs, which can make them look new again. If you are reusing an old bathtub, consider having a restoration service restore it by giving it a new coat of enamel. This can also be done for other features in bathrooms, such as for old tiles and sinks that have enamel finishes on them.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider if you are remodeling a master bath. If you are ready to start with your project, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor and discuss some of these ideas.

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