Six Essential Tools Every Contractor Needs

22 February 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Starting off a career in contracting can sometimes be a bit overwhelming because there is a lot to learn in a very short period of time. If you have recently started working with a contracting company, there are certain tools that you need to purchase in order to be the best contractor that you can be. The following guide walks you through the essential tools every great contractor should have.

A Great Tool Belt

All great contractors have a well-fitting tool belt. Many of the pockets and loops on tool belts are removable so you can position them in a way that is most comfortable to you. Be sure that the hammer loop is on the same side of your belt as your dominate hand so you can easily grab it when you need to use it. The pockets should slide on the belt so you can move them around as you wear the belt to ensure you are always as comfortable as possible.

A Quality Hard Hat

Working on some job sites can be dangerous because items are flying through the air on cranes or being thrown from roofs onto the ground. Be sure your head is always well protected with a quality hard hat. Take the time to make sure that the hat is rated for use on job sites so that it will give you the protection you need by looking inside of the hat for a label that indicates the level of protection the hat offers. Choose the highest level of protection you can find to ensure your head is thoroughly protected on the job site.

Steel-Toed Work Boots

There are always things that could be dropped on your feet when you are working on the job site. A great pair of steel-toed boots will protect your toes from anything that could be dropped on them throughout the day.

A Contractors Pencil

A contractors pencil is a pencil that is usually thicker than the pencils that children often use in school. They are designed to be durable and strong so that they do not easily break when you use them.

A Retractable Measuring Tape

You will take a lot of measurements when you work as a contractor. Be sure that you have a measuring tape that easily retracts on its own, so you can measure something and put the measuring tape away quickly and easily when you are done. Check the numbers on the tape to make sure that they are easy for you to read.

A Durable Hammer

You need a hammer to do construction. Hold the hammer in your hand before buying it to be sure the grip feels comfortable to you. There are hammers with heads of different weights and thicknesses. Be sure to choose a hammer that is comfortable to swing and allows you to easily hit a nail on the head when you go to hit it with the hammer.

Once you have these essential tools, you can will be ready for any of the basic jobs that are thrown your way on the job site. Once you gain more experience as a contractor, you will quickly learn what other tools would be nice to have. Most contracting companies have a tool trailer that is stocked with the essential tools you need to complete just about any job, but having these tools will ensure you can do your job as efficiently as possible because you will become more and more comfortable with your tools as you use them each and every day. Using the same set of tools day in and day out allows you to learn how they work and how to use them comfortably to ensure you can do your job as well as possible at all times. Contact a construction company, like ULF & Associates, LLC or another location, for more tips and info.