Before You Sink An In-Ground Pool Into Your Back Yard...

23 March 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are ready to make your dream of a beautiful in-ground pool come true, you might stop for a moment to consider a few things first. An in-ground pool is a huge investment, so making sure you are certain about what you want is extremely important. To get the greatest enjoyment out of your pool, remember these tips before your pool contractor starts digging.

Decide Which Type of Pool You Want

Deciding the type of pool you want is a good idea because it impacts your overall design and cost. Putting together a book of images showing each type of pool is a good way to compare them. You can find great images online, each one helping you get an idea what would be best in your yard. The types of pools most commonly chosen include:

  • Concrete

  • Gunite

  • Vinyl-lined

  • Fiberglass

Knowing ahead of time what type and design of pool you want makes your time planning with a custom pool builder a lot easier and more beneficial.

Choosing A Pool Design Best For Your Climate

The weather where you live is a huge determining factor for your pool choices. For example, if you live in an area that has more cooler months than warm, you might consider the construction of an indoor heated pool. If there are a lot of trees around you, building an indoor pool is a good idea for limiting the leaves and other debris that get into your pool. An indoor pool is a great design for people that live in wet climates as well.

Figure In Your Long Term Costs For An In-Ground Pool

While you may have enough for the initial construction of your pool, remembering how much it will cost a year to maintain your pool is a good idea. You should talk to your homeowner insurance agent about whether or not the addition of pool will cause your premiums to increase as well. Consider the cost of cleaning products, pool accessories like covers and repairs like liner replacement when considering future pool costs.

Nothing compares to the feeling laying out beside your own pool during the hottest days of summer. However, having a pool put in and finding out later you made mistakes in its design can be a terrible feeling. If you are planning to have a pool put in, be sure to remember these tips for making sure you get the pool you can enjoy for many years. To learn more, contact a custom pool builder company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas