Shower Doors for Vulnerable Populations

7 October 2016
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When you are considering buying a home or remodeling the one you have, the bathroom is a major focus. When you are considering design elements, you should not ignore the shower. Choosing to have a shower enclosure versus a tub with a shower curtain can make your bathroom safer for the more vulnerable family members living in your home. 


At some point, climbing into a tub becomes difficult for most people. Stepping that high is problematic as you age, particularly with nothing to hold onto except a shower curtain. Adding safety bars can help, but choosing a shower-only enclosure instead makes the process even safer. The person using the shower does not have to climb over 18 inches of tub wall and can use the door to provide stability if necessary. If you choose a frameless enclosure, the glass will be thicker and harder to break. Also, a glass door allows you to make a quick and tactful safety check if necessary.


Combining children with shower curtains often equals trouble. When they are quite young, playing with a shower curtain is irresistible, particularly if they are taking a bath. They tug on them and try to hide behind them. Sometimes they succeed in pulling the curtain down on their heads. A strong shower enclosure and tub combination can help keep them out of trouble while allowing you to check on them by peeking into the bathroom.  

Sick People

Mold is dangerous for anyone but is particularly problematic for those who have a chronic respiratory illness. If someone in your family suffers from asthma, COPD, or mold allergies, switching to a glass enclosure is a healthy choice. Unfortunately, mold thrives on shower curtains and is difficult to remove. Mold is easier to prevent and remove from glass. Simply wiping down the shower with a bathroom cleaner several times a week should do the trick. Ugly black mold spots won't have time to take hold and multiply. 

Choosing a shower enclosure rather than a tub and shower curtain combination makes sense, particularly if you have vulnerable family members living in your home. They are safe and easy to clean while adding an attractive design element to your home. Making your bathroom safer and more attractive will also help you sell your house if you ever decide to put it on the market. To learn about your shower door options, talk to a company like South Jersey Glass & Door