Why Everyone Needs To Consider An Automatic Shutoff Valve For Their Plumbing System

9 February 2017
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If you are a homeowner, you likely aim to do everything to protect your investment. Potential plumbing emergencies are sometimes overlooked, and some people may have water leaks for a while before they realize there is an issue. This places properties at risk for water damage. Most homes have manual shutoff valves that can stop water from the mainline from flowing into the homes if there is an emergency. However, some property owners do not know where theirs is located, which can cost them valuable time in the event of an emergency. The following are a few reasons you could benefit from installing an automatic shutoff valve.

An automatic shutoff valve works when no one is home.

Some people experience water damage from an issue such as a burst pipe when no one is home. This means that hours can pass by before anyone is aware of the damages. An automatic shutoff valve measures and detects issues with pressure. If a problem is detected, it will prevent water from flowing into your home. If you choose to rely solely on a manual shutoff valve, it will be useless if no one is home to use it.

Automatic shutoff valves can save you money and repair costs.

A small amount of water can lead to water damage issues such as mold. Having a way to automatically stop water can minimize the amount of damage your property sustains. This means that your water damage repair costs will likely be cheaper due to less water flowing into your home when the problem is identified by the valve.

Perhaps you are thinking that you have insurance, and you will be fine. Some insurance companies require policyholders to provide significant proof of water damages and what caused them. This means that it is possible for a claim to be denied. Your insurance company may offer you a discount if you install an automatic shutoff valve because it is a preventative measure that can reduce the impact of water damage. 

A plumber is a good resource to use to determine more ways an automatic shutoff valve could benefit you. They can also install and inspect these devices to ensure they are working properly. If you do not know where your manual shutoff valve is, a plumber can locate it and show you how to use it. Sometimes automatic shutoff valves activate when individuals are home. When this happens it is best to call a plumber to determine if you have a leak that is located in an area of your plumbing system that you cannot see such as the basement or behind a wall. 

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