Having Trouble Keeping Grass Alive In Your Yard? Landscaping Ideas For You

13 February 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are a homeowner, one of the things you always want is for your home to make a good impression. This extends to your landscaping as well. While many people think of a lush green lawn as the ideal form of landscaping for their home, sometimes this is not always possible. If you are having trouble growing grass and sustaining it in your yard, you may feel as though you are failing at your landscaping design. However, there are many alternatives that you can try to grass in your lawn. Get to know some of the different residential landscape design options available to you so that you can change up your landscaping game and try something new as soon as possible.

Consider Planting a Garden in Raised Planters

Instead of trying repeatedly to grow grass in areas in which it does not naturally thrive in your yard, you may want to consider creating raised planters for a garden. These raised planters essentially give you an enclosed space to work with for your garden with easily distinguishable paths for walking through the rows.

You can use the various planters for fruits, vegetables, and herbs if you would like to grow edible plants. Or you could also use those raised planters as a beautiful flower garden full of bright, eye-catching colors. Whatever you choose, it will be easier and cheaper to maintain than grass that you need to repeatedly replant.

Put In a Japanese Zen Garden

If you want to try something even more different and unique, you can opt to transform the area of your yard devoid of grass into a Japanese-style zen garden. Japanese zen gardens are made of sand and strategically placed rocks and stones and sometimes include water elements and pruned trees and shrubs. This type of garden is surrounded by a small wall to keep the sand in place as well as for aesthetic appeal.

The sand in a zen garden is carefully raked into lined designs to create peace and serenity in the simplicity of the lines and forms. If you need a place to relax and meditate, then a Japanese zen garden would be the perfect place to do just that. Just make sure you leave enough room outside of the zen garden wall to install a comfortable bench so that you can sit and look at your zen garden while you meditate.

With these options in mind, you can choose an alternative landscaping option when growing grass just does not work in certain areas of your yard.