6 Maintenance Mistakes That Could Cause Your Windshield To Malfunction Sooner

19 July 2017
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There are a lot of maintenance precautions you can take care of on a regular basis to prevent repair needs on your windshield over time.

Windshield repair needs aren't only caused by sudden incidents like accidents and impact damage. Windshield repair needs can also be caused by small scratches and dents that develop and grow over time because of poor maintenance.

The following are six maintenance mistakes to avoid to minimize windshield repair needs over time and to keep visibility as clear as possible in vehicle windshields:

Neglecting to clean out the windshield wipers themselves

Keeping a windshield clear of debris is not enough to avoid scratches over time. Debris can build up in the wipers themselves, and this debris can be forced across the windshield when wipers are employed. This can lead to severe scratches. 

Wipers can easily be detached and cleaned out by rubbing them with soap and warm water with a soft fabric material. This will prevent both scratches and streaks on a windshield.

Purchasing low quality wipers

Cheap windshield wipers can be hard on the glass surface and can create damaging scratches while also spreading cumbersome residue over windshield surfaces.

It's a good idea to invest in high quality wipers to keep the windshield surface in good shape and to also keep driver and passengers safe while driving when the wipers need to be used. 

Never cleaning windshields from the inside

A lot of motorists don't realize that windshields can become soiled and even scratched from the inside. Regular windshield cleanings should involve not only wiping the exterior, but also the interior of the windshield clean.

Scrubbing windshields with the wrong type of fabric

The best material to use to scrub a windshield from the inside and the outside is a microfiber towel. Microfiber cloths are gentle and effective at removing residue from a windshield even when a cleaning solution is not used. 

Using a harsh cleaner on windshields

Glass cleaner that's used on a windshield shouldn't include ammonia. Ammonia is a commonly found ingredient in many cleaning products, but it can be harmful on a car's windshield. This is especially true when it comes to tinted windshields. 

Use only ammonia-free glass cleaners on windshield glass to prevent damage. 

Allowing windshield fluid to run out

Windshield cleaner is a necessity when you're driving. You need to check your windshield fluid level regularly to ensure that you don't run out when you're driving in a situation where residue is quickly accumulating on your windshield.