Tips For Those Wanting To Finish The Basement

20 October 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The basement of your home may be one of the largest rooms in the house. Yet, it is common for homeowners to fail to utilize this area of their home to its full extent. Often, this will be restricted to using the basement as a storage area. For those that are wanting to finish their basement so that it can be a comfortable and productive place to be, there are key points to follow throughout the finishing process.  

Waterproof The Basement Before Finishing It

It is a common problem for homeowners to be unaware of the fact that their basements can be prone to suffering from a variety of types of water damage. This can be particularly applicable for those looking to finish their basements as exposure to water can damage the additions that are made to the basement. At a minimum, individuals that are wanting to waterproof their basements should seal the walls and have a sump pump system installed.

Provide Air Conditioning And Ample Ventilation

When finishing a basement, homeowners will often be focused on the visible aspects of this project, such as the type of floors that are installed and the overall aesthetics of the area. However, basements can receive extremely poor air circulation, and they can be exposed to extreme temperatures during the winter and summer months. To keep the basement comfortable for you and your family, you will want to be sure that the ventilation for this area is improved and you will want to add vents so that central air conditioning and heating system can service this area of the house. The costs of taking these steps may seem too high to be worth it, but you may find that there are long periods out of the year where the basement is too cold, hot or stuffy to be comfortably occupied for long periods of time.

Carefully Consider Your Electrical Needs For The Finished Basement

A common use for a newly finished basement will be to transform it into an entertainment or work area. When placing gaming systems, televisions or office equipment in the basement, you can dramatically increase the strain on the electrical system that supplies this part of the house. Prior to undertaking your basement finishing project, you should carefully consider the way that you will be using this part of the house and have the electrical system tested to ensure it can meet your needs. Otherwise, you may find that your electronics put enough strain on your electrical system to put the home at risk of experiencing serious damage, such as melted wiring or fire.