Furnace Replacement Frequency: What Should First-Time Homebuyers Expect?

24 November 2017
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So, you are about to buy a house for the first time, or you just completed the purchase, and you want to know how often you will have to replace your furnace.  That is something worth knowing, considering the fact that your furnace is the second most expensive thing you will ever have to replace on or in your home. (The first is your roof.) The answer to this question, however, varies.

What Your Home Inspector Said

You should never buy a house without having a home inspection. Even though you have toured and you have seen the house, you have not really seen it without knowing what is wrong with its main systems. If you did have a home inspector inspect the house before making an offer, what did he or she say? Is the furnace really old, or is it virtually brand-new?

If it is really old, you can expect to replace it within the next five years, and probably another  twenty to thirty years after that. If it is less than five years old, and it is a very good quality furnace, you can expect to replace it about two or three decades from now. Only really old or really low quality furnaces are replaced more frequently.

The Make, Model, and Type of Furnace

Do your own research. There are some makes and models of furnaces that last much longer and outperform any others. If your current furnace is not one of those, get ready to replace it by stashing cash now.

It is also important to note the type of furnace. Electrical furnaces have fewer problems than a gas or propane furnace as electrical furnaces are not likely to explode. Heating oil furnaces have lots of issues with blockages and rusting heating oil tanks. Boilers are a bit old-fashioned, but may be as safe as an electrical furnace. Solar furnaces are the safest and most long-lasting of all, but also the most modern. You are not likely to replace a solar or geothermal furnace anytime soon.

Requesting a Replacement from the Previous Owner

While you cannot take this step after the fact, you can request that the current owner and seller of the house replace the furnace as a condition of sale. If the seller agrees to this, make sure that the furnace is brand-new, and not just new to you. Then you will not have to replace your furnace for a very long time to come.

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