The Best Gutter Material

2 May 2018
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The gutter, which obviously needs to be functional, clean, and free of clogs, is also an important style piece on your roof. That is, the gutter is often the most visible and defining feature of your roof line. So, an old, damaged gutter that won't drain properly, might also look sloppy and ugly. If you are going to install a new gutter along your roofline, you should think about investing in a material that will remain stylish and functional at the same time. This article explains the various purposes of installing vinyl gutters.

You can't really hide your gutter. If you have a gutter mounted to your fascia board, it is going to be visible from pretty much every angle. Traditionally, aluminum gutters are the most common and affordable for residential construction. But, they definitely have some drawbacks. First of all, they can get dented quite easily, they can rust, and they don't paint up very well. That is, paint doesn't stick well to aluminum, so it is difficult to change the color of your gutter. If you ever want to repaint the outside of your house (or just the roofline) you will probably want your gutter to match. This is one of the reasons that many homeowners love having vinyl cutters.

Painting Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl is a plastic-like material, with a smooth and waterproof texture which is actually much easier to paint. It can be sprayed or brushed. The paint on vinyl gutters will be much more permanent than the paint on aluminum. So, if you ever do need to paint outside of your home, you can paint your gutters using the same technique that you are using to paint the walls.

Vinyl is Also A Functional Material

While vinyl is generally considered to be a much more stylish choice than aluminum, it is also more functional in many ways. Most importantly, vinyl does not rust, and it is less likely to dent or crack. Vinyl gutters can maintain their watertight finish without any maintenance. Vinyl mounting brackets are equally strong and can be secured with traditional bolts and fasteners.

Ultimately, vinyl is very similar to aluminum when it comes to residential gutter systems. But, since it is a longer-lasting material, there is no risk of rust, and you can paint it more easily, it is easy to see why it is a preferable choice. To learn more, contact a roofing contractor near you.