Interested In Changing From A Flat Roof To A Truss Roof? How To Make The Change

1 August 2018
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If you live in an older home with a flat roof and you have a lot of complications, it may be time to talk with a roofing contractor about making a change. There are some changes that you can make that will be very beneficial to the structure of the property, and that can help to improve maintenance in the future. Talk with the roofing experts and get the estimates you need for the following things to complete the transition of the roof on your home.

A Truss Frame Roof 

A truss roof is the traditional triangle option that you see on most houses, and you may be able to have this added to your home. If there aren't substantial damages to the property, you may be able to build the truss roof over the flat roof, keeping the original roof as a layer of protection and insulation. Get the costs and see how this can protect your home, and talk about shingle options, gutters, and more.

Asphalt Shingles

Once the trusses are in place, and the wood sheeting is put up, the roof will have to be covered with shingles. Asphalt shingles are a great option if a budget is your first priority, but you still want a durable material that is efficient and also high quality. Get a cost for the asphalt shingles that will go on the roof, and the description of the shingle warranty when you get quotes.

Vinyl Gutters

You need to have gutters added at the bottom of the truss roof, so water doesn't run straight down to the structure of the building if there is any type of rainfall or melting snow. Vinyl gutters are a top pick, they are durable, seam-free, and come in many colors to match the outside of your home. You can also get screens to cover the gutters.

If your home has an odd design and you have an area, or the entire roof is flat, you can invest the money for the worthwhile change. Changing the property to prevent water damages and problems will help to improve your home, your home value, and you won't have to stress about repairs and other problems that arise with a flat roof. Have more than one roofing contractor come to the property to talk about the cost to frame the truss roof and then to complete it with shingles and gutters.