4 Steps To Ensure Biomass Heating And Radiators Are Ready For The Winter Months

12 September 2018
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With the autumn weather, you want to make sure your home is prepared. This is a time of the year when maintenance is needed for your AC and it is time to get ready for winter weather. If you have a biomass heating system, you will need to do maintenance to the boiler, water heater and other components of your heating system. Here are the steps to do maintenance and ensure your biomass heating and radiators are ready for the winter months:

1. Cleaning Your Boiler and Preparing It for Winter Heating

One of the first things that you will want to do to prepare for the winter season is clean the boiler. To start, make sure the area where the boiler is located is free of clutter and debris that can hamper performance and cause inefficiency. The boiler of your radiant heating system is a mechanical system that needs to be clean routinely during the beginning and the end of the winter months.

2. Checking Water Lines and Pumps Before Using Heating Systems

Before the winter months arrive, you want to check the water lines and pumps of your heating system to make sure they are working properly. First, check all the pipes and plumbing of the boiler and radiant heating system to make sure there are no leaks. In addition, you want to turn the system on to check to make sure that the pump is working properly and circulating water through radiators or in-floor heating pipes.

3. Bleeding the Air Out of Radiators and In-Floor Heating Systems

Over the past winter and the dormant summer months, the water lines radiators or in-floor heating pipes air in them. Before you start using your heating during the winter months, you want to remove this error from water lines in a radiant heating. This process is called bleeding, just like you bleed air out of brake lines. Open the bleeding valves and let the air out until only water comes out of radiators or other valves on radiant heating systems.

4. Have A Heating Repair Company Inspect and Service Your System

Even if you do a lot of the repairs and maintenance to your heating yourself, it is a good idea to contact a heating repair service to have them inspect your system. In the late autumn, contact your heating repair company and have them inspect your system and do any repairs before the cold winter months get here.

These are the steps to take when doing maintenance to prepare your biomass heating system and radiators for another cold winter. If you need help preparing your radiant heating for the winter months to come, contact a radiant floor heating service such as Adams Plumbing & Heating Company for help with maintenance and repairs.