Caring For Reclaimed Wood Floors: Four Helpful Tips

31 May 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Reclaimed wood floors can make a beautiful addition to your home, but they do require some care that more modern, durable flooring might not. Use the following guide to keep your reclaimed wood floors looking great for years to come.

Avoid Plastic And Rubber Mats

If you have rugs on your reclaimed wood floors, you may be tempted to use plastic or rubber mats to keep them in place. These mats, however, can cause damage to wood flooring. The materials can cause discolorations over time, and they can also leave your floors looking dull. Instead, consider a heavy felt rug pad. These pads provide extra cushion and are gentle enough for use on delicate surfaces.

Use Floor Protectors On Furniture

Chairs, tables, and other furnishings can leave behind scratches and scuffs over time, and this damage can make your reclaimed wood floors look old and damaged. Use felt floor protectors on the bottoms of all chair and table legs to help avoid this type of damage. The protectors typically have self-adhesive backings for secure placement on your furniture. When in place, the protectors make it easy to slide furniture across the floor without leaving behind a mark.

Avoid Excess Water

Excess water and moisture can cause wood to become discolored and even warp over time. Be sure to clean up spills quickly, and keep windows closed during rainy weather. Consider using floor-cleaning products that do not require dilution in water. if you do decide to mop with water, place your bucket on a thick towel to prevent water from spilling. You'll also want to find an absorbent mop that helps wick excess moisture as you clean your floors.

Sweep With Microfiber

While hardwood floors are durable, you want to make sure you are using gentle cleaning products. Microfiber sweeping cloths can pick up dirt and dust just as well as traditional brooms, and they can be more effective at removing small particles from in between floorboards. Microfiber is soft, so it can help prevent scratches and minor damage to floors. You can also use microfiber cloths with wood cleaner and wax to give your floors a beautiful finish. Be sure to check with the supplier of your wood floors to determine which type of sealant and finish you have, as this can help you determine which cleaning products will yield the best results when you polish them with a microfiber cloth.