Three Services To Get With Your Tree Removal

31 May 2019
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Having a tree removed from your property is often no small job, particularly for older, mature trees or those with extensive damage. Of course, having a tree properly remove requires much more than just chopping it down. The following are several services your tree removal company should at least offer to provide to ensure that the job is completed correctly.

1) A Damage assessment

A damage assessment should be completed in advance of the tree removal crew's arrival. During this assessment, the technician will determine if any structures or overhead lines could be exposed to damage from the falling tree or its branches. They may have to contact the power company to temporary turn off power, or they may need to temporarily close a road during the removal. They will also determine if there are any underground lines or pipes that could be damaged during the removal and develop a plan to avoid this problem as well. At the end of the assessment, they will have a detailed removal plan to avoid any damage. Be cautious about hiring a company that doesn't perform an assessment.

2) Stump removal

There are three common methods for stump removal ā€” pulling, grinding, and chemical. Pulling up the stump is usually only completed for trees with small root system since it is a complicated process and hard to do thoroughly. Chemical removal is generally an option for homeowners, but the chemicals take some time to break down the root. A tree service usually offers grinding as their main option. This allows them to use a special grinding tool to grind the stump down well below ground level, so you can plant over it. Many tree services offer this as an add-on service, so make sure the cost of grinding is included in the quote if you want the service to take care of your stump.

3) Landscape rejuvenation

Once the tree is gone, you will need to rejuvenate the landscape. Generally this involves remove the chips and sawdust from the area, leveling the soil, then plating grass or flower beds. Not all tree services offer landscaping services for removal sites, so you will need to ask in advance if this is important to you. Just keep in mind that you will still need to add fresh soil yearly to level the site for several years. This is because the remain of the stump far below ground will continue to decompose, causing the site to settle and sink somewhat.

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