3 Things To Do When Your Automatic Gate Breaks Down

22 August 2019
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Technology has made gaining access to your property easier than ever before. Gates can be operated using a remote control system so that you don't need to exit your vehicle or home to operate the gate. As convenient as automatic gates are, they can become a source of stress when they stop working.

Take immediate action to prevent additional damage when your automatic gate won't open or close properly.

1. Activate the Manual Release

Just because your automatic gate isn't working doesn't mean that you can forego access to your property. All automatic gates are equipped with a manual release button that allows the gate to be opened or closed without motorized help.

Never attempt to open your gate manually unless the manual release has been activated. Forcing the gate open while it is still in automatic mode could damage the motor, adding to the repairs that will be needed to restore proper function to your gate.

2. Clean Sliding Tracks

If you have a sliding automatic gate, your gate performance problems might be solved by taking a quick look at the tracks on which the gate travels.

It is possible for dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris to collect in the tracks. When enough debris accumulates, the automatic sensor that prevents your gate from opening or closing when a person or pet is in the way will activate.

The sensor will not allow the gate to open fully. A thorough cleaning of the sliding tracks could restore proper function to your automatic gate. The help of an experienced repair professional will be needed if cleaning the tracks doesn't get your gate working again.

3. Verify Power Source

Automatic gates rely on a power source to function properly. Access to electrical power can be compromised due to a blackout, blown fuse, or tripped circuit. Start troubleshooting your gate when it won't open or close by verifying that the power source is intact.

You can bring a portable electronic device (like a hair dryer or small radio) outside and plug it into the same outlet as the gate motor. If the device works, the problem lies within the gate motor itself. If the device doesn't work, then the outlet is not receiving power and will need to be inspected by an experienced professional.

Work closely with gate contractors to ensure that your automatic gate remains functional and safe over years of repeated use.

For more information on gate repairs, contact a fence contractor.