Locations To Have Your New Tankless Water Heater Installed

6 November 2019
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The water heaters you will find in most houses are storage tank ones. They are generally large and round and commonly found in large storage closets or laundry rooms. However, there is another type of water heater you can think about going with that is called a tankless water heater. If you decide to go this route, aside from choosing the right water heater, you also need to decide where to have it put and this information is going to help make that decision easier.  

The location should offer better efficiency

It's important to understand that the location in which a tankless water heater is located will have a lot to do with its efficiency. A good place for the tankless water heater is somewhere where it will be further away from the coldness during those cold days and nights. If it must be put near the coldness of the outside, make sure the area is properly insulated.

If you are trying to decide between an area close to your clothes washer or the bathroom, the bathroom would be the better choice because you will use more hot water there than you will use when doing a few loads of clothes once a week. You should have it installed near the home's main electrical panel and as close as possible to the areas that need the most hot water.

The size allows for more options

Understand the size difference between the storage tank water heaters and the tankless are that the tankless are significantly smaller. Even though you do have things to consider, such as the ones already mentioned, you will also want to know that its smaller size does give you a lot more options than the storage tank ones when it comes to where you can have it installed.

They can go in places like the area located under a staircase or in a pantry. It might be easiest to put it where the old water heater was, because the things like gas and water lines will already be in place. However, the smaller size will mean you will have more space in that area, so you can use the rest of the space for things like storage or other purposes.

Think about future maintenance when choosing, because you want it to be easily reachable for the technician who comes out to take care of the maintenance issues.For more information about tankless water heaters, contact a plumber in your area.