4 Beautiful Types Of Windows You Can Install In Your Home

11 December 2019
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When it comes to installing windows in your home, you want to install windows that will enhance the beauty of your home. Windows can help add to the outside curb appeal of your home and can also increase the style and beauty of the inside of your home.

Window Type #1: Garden Window

First, there are garden windows. Garden windows are generally installed in your kitchen. A garden window has a ledge that extends outward from your home. A garden window has three sides, with two shorter sides and a larger window in the middle. Oftentimes, garden windows even have a built-in shelf allowing you to put plants and herbs in the garden window, where they will get more light.

Window Type #2: Sliding Windows

Second, there are sliding windows. Sliding windows can be either vertically or horizontally orientated. Sliding windows may be single-hung or double-hung windows, where you can either open just the bottom pane, or both the top and bottom panes of the windows. Sliding windows are often used in bedrooms and other areas where you want to have easy access to ventilation.

Window Type #3: Bay Window

A bay window is a similar to a garden window, in that there are two smaller windows on each side with a larger window in the middle. Also like a garden window, a bay window extends from your home and opens up the space further.

A bay window, inside of your home, creates a window seat or reading area in your home. The space under the window can also be used for storage.

Window Type #4: Picture Window

Another type of window you can put in your home is a picture window. The point of a picture window is literally to take advantage of the view in front of you, hence the term "picture". A picture window doesn't open up at all; it doesn't provide you with ventilation, it just allows you to enjoy the view. A picture window can be different sizes, although generally a picture window is an oversized window, not a small window.

When you install a new window in your home, you want the window to enhance the beauty of your home. A garden window can push the space out in your kitchen and provide more light in your kitchen. A bay window can provide more space in your bedroom or living room and a picture window can allow you to take in the beautiful view outside of your home. For more information, contact a window installation company in your area.