Building A Boat Dock? A Look At Common Faqs

3 November 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you live along a shoreline and own a boat, having a dock built can bring in so much additional value. Here are a few things you may want to know as you examine your options.

How is a dock different from a pier?

A pier is most often simply used to walk out over the edge of the water. While a pier can be outfitted with a mooring device to attach a boat, docks usually get outfitted with more stable mooring systems or mechanisms. A dock may be used for spending time by the water for sure, but the usual purpose of the dock is for "docking" a water vessel.  

Can you have a pier attached to your boat dock?

You can easily have both a pier and a dock. The dock is normally a larger structure where you can park your boat, so attaching a pier of some sort to simply have to walk out to the water is perfectly doable as well. For example, you could have a dock that has a short fishing pier attached to one side.

Is it a good idea to install a boat lift in your dock?

Boat lifts can be an excellent investment if you have a boat that you prefer to store out of the water, which can be especially important in saltwater locations. However, implementing a boat lift can also be valuable because it allows you to lift the boat on your own property when it is time for maintenance projects like hull cleaning or treatment.

How long will a newly built dock last?

A well-built dock can last for many decades with the proper care and attention. Of course, the quality and type of materials used during the build will directly impact the life span, but how well you tend to regular maintenance also has a big part to play. For example, treating the wood of a dock with a water-protective sealant as directed can make a huge difference in how long the material will last. 

Can you enclose a boat lift within your dock?

Boat lifts can be enclosed on three sides with an openable access door on the entry end. It is common for property owners to opt to have a portion of their dock enclosed for this very reason. You get a nice, protected place to store your boat during off-seasons, but keeping the boat tucked away can also mean you have a neater outward dock appearance.